Hidden Knowledge of Lapis Lazuli - Meaning and Properties

Lapis Lazuli and it's metaphysical properties

Lapis lazuli is a mesmerizing deep blue opaque gemstone with shiny grains of gold pyrite. Often associated with royalty and deities, the metamorphic rock has been highly prized for thousands of years. This night sky full of stars is one of the most counterfeited gemstones in the world, so make sure to buy from a trusted supplier. Otherwise, there is a chance of ending up with a dyed piece of glass or even plastic! Genuine lapis lazuli is mainly sourced in ancient mines located in the deep mountains of northeast Afghanistan.

The stone has been used to create the finest of art throughout history. Ultramarine, the most expensive blue pigment in the middle ages, was actually made out of grounded lapis lazuli.

Lapis Lazuli in a chest

Physical Properties

Aside from being a universal symbol of wisdom and truth, this celestial blue stone presents many health benefits.

Keep in mind that while many wise ancient civilizations utilized crystal healing, the lapis lazuli properties are not scientifically proven. If crystals help you feel good, so much the better, but if not, don’t hesitate to consult a healthcare practitioner.

That being said, lapis are known to have several physical healing properties, including

Spiritual Properties

Lapis lazuli is a stone of total awareness that stimulates the desire for knowledge. This crystal is potent for personal and spiritual growth. By promoting self-awareness and aiding rational analysis, the gemstone allows you to push boundaries and see the opportunities for mind expansion.

Lapis is also an excellent tool for keeping healthy and fulfilling relationships. By promoting harmony, honesty and compassion, the gem strengthens friendships and encourages open-mindedness when dealing with others.

Another beneficial property of this galaxy-looking stone is the enhancement of intellectual abilities. While increasing memory, it boosts problem-solving skills, which are very useful in the process of learning.

Furthermore, the shiny pyrite fragments deflect unwanted energy away from you, making it an excellent protective stone.

How to Use Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli - Blue & Gold

Because of its magnificence paired with its stunning colour, wearing a piece of jewelry with lapis lazuli will undeniably attract compliments.

While its beauty attracts attention, it provides protection by creating a shield against negative influences around you, especially when worn as a bracelet or a ring. Wearing it as a necklace or earrings connects you to your inner truth.

When faced with difficult choices, this connection to your core will guide you through your decision-making process.

Carrying the crystal eases communication in relationships. It provides a safe space for deep and meaningful conversations.

The blue gemstone can also be a great asset in the workplace. It is known to attract success and promotion, which leads to peer recognition and many career opportunities.

Authenticity Test

Synthetic lapis lazuli stones have become increasingly abundant recently. As one of the most faked gemstones, it can be a challenge to recognize a genuine lapis. Counterfeiters will most of the time use dye to achieve the characteristic ultramarine blue colour of a lapis lazuli.

One way to verify authenticity is by rubbing the piece with acetone. You can use nail polish remover and a simple cloth for this test. If there is any discoloration, it is a fake. Of course, the best way to be sure that the lapis lazuli you are buying is real is to purchase from a reputable source and at a reasonable price. Ending up with a fake gem made out of plastic or glass is very disappointing, and it also won’t offer the benefits of the real stone.

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