How to Set Powerful Intentions

How to set your goals and intentions for them to come true

I want to be happy.

I wish to find true love.

I need to be healthy.

While honorable and prized, intentions like those might, unfortunately, cause a lot of disappointment. It's not that these dreams are unachievable; they just lack information. Adding specific details to your intention is essential for it to manifest. Too brief or vague wording leaves a lot of room for interpretation.

For instance, the intention "I want to be happy" raises many questions, such as

What is happiness to you? 

How do you measure your progress toward this objective?

What will it take for you to consider this state of mind achieved?

What are the significant factors influencing your level of joy?

Avoid ambiguity

Setting ambiguous targets is like getting out to harvest Chaga (rare fungus found on birch trees. Prized for its numerous medicinal properties) without knowing where it grows or even what it looks like. Moving forward anyway could seem like to right thing to do. After all, this mushroom has impressive health properties, so why not go and find it? Maybe the information necessary to locate the fungus will randomly come along the way. Maybe once in front of a Chaga, you'll instinctively know. Maybe you'll find someone to help you in your quest.

Maybe... Maybe not.

Proper goal setting is essential to progress in line with your desires and values. Exhaustively setting your intentions is fundamental for any type of spell, ritual, or enchantment. Nonetheless, it is often neglected.

Please note that there is a myriad of ways to set clear and effective intentions. I don't pretend to be an expert on the matter or to detain absolute truth. The only thing I can do is humbly share my experiences and learnings.

As a baby witch, I would sometimes put a lot of time and effort into a spell. I carefully followed the instructions, used the right tools and the right elements. However, despite my high hopes, the spell wouldn't end up providing the results expected.

Sounds familiar?

What if the problem was not the spell itself but the intention behind it?

Anyway, being clearer on what you truly want can only be beneficial.

Here is a surefire way to frame your intentions to make them come true

The SMART method

The SMART method is reliable and easy to remember.

The smart method

As a matter of fact, the only downside I can see for this method is the length of the process. It can take a lot of thinking and questioning to formulate an intention that meets every characteristic. On the other hand, if you don't accurately determine what you want, you risk telling the universe (or divinities, high power, or whoever/whatever gives rise to your magic) the wrong intention.

Here is an example.

Let's pretend I want to eventually quit my day job to live entirely from my art. Then, my first thought would be to ask for money.

As a result, maybe that wish will turn into a promotion at work, a second job, or winning the lottery, which is very positive! However, I may be missing my real goal. Come to think of it, the ultimate goal here isn't to make enough money to quit my job; it's to be able to live by doing art.

If I neglect my art career growth to make more money, I won't be closer to my goal in the end. Instead, the intention should look like "I will become a full-time artist by selling paintings on my website. Once my income reaches a certain level, I will start a transition from my day job to my art business..."

The SMART method will prevent you from defaulting to an objective that is not quite in line with what you truly want. You will know your intentions are powerful and coherent if they have the following characteristics:




Relevant (results-based)



Every aspect of your intention shall be clarified in order to narrow your attention to what really matters. It can help to use the following five basics questions to refine our thought







If I wanted to improve my health, a specific goal would be "I improve my mental and physical health to gain self-confidence and feel good in my body. I am working out at home every morning for 30 minutes and meditating for 15 minutes. I repeat the spells or rituals related to this intention weekly. I track my progress daily in a journal. Every month, I assess my condition according to pre-defined criteria and adjust the workout routine and the meditation time according to my progress."


Don't be afraid to attach numbers to your goal. For instance, define the amount of money you want to earn with your side business. Define how much time per day you want to spend with your SO. Define how many books you want to read.
Numbers allow you to track your progress and to avoid misinterpretation.


Be ambitious and, above all, realistic. There is no problem with having big and bold dreams. The problem arises when you want everything to happen overnight.

Have faith, let the universe work its magic, and stay down to earth.
Consider the constraints and determine how the goal will be accomplished. It might not exactly happen as you first thought, but the idea is to be convinced that your objective is reachable


Check that your intention is appropriate for you. Sometimes the intention can be perfectly articulated, but the timing for it to materialize is not right. The following questions can guide you in determining if the goal is relevant to you.

Then, clearly define the expected result. What are the conditions for you to consider that your goal has been achieved?


Time has to be part of the equation.

When are you going to start?

Do you have a deadline, milestones ...?

If time is not taken into account, procrastination will come into play.


I will be taking training on the healing properties of crystals over the next week.
I'll be launching my online store of custom smudge sticks in 6 months.
I will phone my mom twice a week for the next month.

Don't be discouraged by the magnitude of the method. I guarantee that the process will clarify your ideas, and you will find the way forward. Of course, there will be obstacles and unforeseen events, but if you keep aiming for your dreams, they will come true :)

Test your intention

This is the part where you let your intuition guide you. Once the intention is written and you are pretty satisfied with the result, let it sit for a while and stop thinking about it. Take a relaxing bath with lavender bath salt, take a walk outside, meditate with candles or drink cleansing lemongrass tea. Whatever clears your mind and helps you reset after this intensive intention defining session. Maybe you will need a few days to feel ready to go back to your intention and test it. It's totally fine. As long as it feels right to you.

Let your intuition guide you

Whenever you feel ready, take your intention and read it out loud. Notice how it makes you feel.

Are you thrilled? Peaceful? Confident? Does it resonate with you (whatever it means to you)? Are you convinced? If so, congratulations, you have a very powerful intention that you can use in any way you see fit (spell bottle, altar work, charm bags...) Possibilities are endless!

If, on the contrary, you felt doubts, you weren't motivated, or something just didn't feel right, there is still a little bit of work to do. Maybe you overlooked a significant constraint. Perhaps someone else has power over your situation. For example, if your goal is to get that promotion at work, the power to make this happen is not entirely yours. It depends on other candidates and the manager's decision. But "getting the experience and the knowledge to be considered for the promotion" is entirely down to you.

Let your intuition guide you. Trust your gut feeling. Trust yourself.


I have to admit that the SMART method can seem like a pretty laborious way to set an intention, but it's worth it. Give it a try; you won't regret it.

Don't hesitate to communicate with me to let me know how it went and how you liked the process.

Veronique Hamel

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