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Witchry is a small family-owned and operated business in Québec, Canada. The idea came to us while visiting Salem, in Massachusetts on Samhain eve in 2019. Our goal is to build an online compendium of real magick practices, spells and rituals along with a source for you to supply on all your everyday witchcraft needs.

We do not label ourselves as traditional Wiccans, which means we do not worship gods and goddesses, but we are indeed practicing many aspects of Wicca. Our path is closely related to nature and spirituality, therefore, the content of Witchry is aligned with theses values. We like to keep it real and will never endorse fake tricks or products we do not firmly believe in.

Respecting our mother Earth is a priority for us, therefore every product, article, spell, ritual or any content on this website will always and forever be Vegan, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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